About Us

Ozark Soul Native Plants and Landscaping

 Our gardening backgrounds are both founded in formal- or traditional- style horticulture. Jenny grew up in the St. Louis region and was lead horticulturist at Meadowbrook Country Club in Ballwin, MO for eight years. David grew up south of Kansas City and started gardening professionally at the Missouri Botanical Garden specializing in annual plant display.  We met while working for the Missouri Botanical Garden's "Whitmire Wildflower Garden", a venue that uses only Missouri native plants to achieve all styles of landscaping. With our passion for Missouri native plants and appreciation of nature bringing us together, we fell in love.  Shortly after moving to southern Missouri, we were married  on February 6, 2016.  

Through our time in the horticulture industry, we have come to realize how unsustainable much of the instant landscapes that are popular truly are. We decided to start Ozark Soul, LLC,  a company specializing in Missouri native plant production and sales as a way to get more native plants in the landscape.  We offer a plant and landscape solution that will drastically minimize chemical input into the landscape and emphasizes ecology. By combining our traditional horticulture education with our Missouri native plant palette, we hope to provide you with the right plant for your location.  We can also help with all your landscape design, implementation, and maintenance needs. We know from experience the joys associated with a Missouri native plant landscape and hope you will consider Ozark Soul, LLC your home for  Missouri native plants.